Cinematographer Joseph Ciccarella

Joe.Bonacci (sketch.comedy) 4vids

Joe Bonacci is a NYC based actor & improv comic. If you'd like to see more videos like these you can check them out on his Instagram.


Writer, Editor: Joe Bonacci

Director, DP: Joseph Ciccarella

Cat.Stickers ep.1

Who’s been hanging all these cat decals in the halls? Joe explores what it means to be neighborly.

***Cat Stickers selected for prime time on Channel 101 NYC*** http://ny.channel101.com


Get to know Joe & Tabitha, just two normal human beings.


It's a pirate's life for me as Joe sets his sails on the high seas, shivering timbers and blowing men down.


A Maestro, some musicians and a magician. Wizards do battle and Joe does everything in his power to keep his orchestra in line.